Saturday, August 30, 2008

1st days

School has started. My big girl actually has a real school building with a playground and everything. Last year classes were held in a cut up gym. First graders in one "room" and second graders in another "room" and kindergartners in the cafeteria which was broken up too. Despite that this experiential learning was fabulous. The school teaches hands on learning. Do it to learn it. They did really well with what little they had and my daughter loved it and flourished. The whole summer was spent renovating the new space. Every grade has a classroom and there's a real gym and an art room. They even have a music room. The paperwork has already started coming home. Weekly bulletins, things to fill out.

I am on a paper purging mission. Papers have got to go. So I'm pulling out the file folders and the labels, the paper shredder.
It's quiet with the little tree in school. I've been on an editing zeal. Cutting the beginning of the novel up like crazy. It's painful and yet liberating at the same time. If it's not essential I cut it and I have to be ninja ruthless with it too.
When ever I sit at the computer or I write something for the novel in my journal I feel like I am flying. My fingers just zoom across the keyboard and I swear i glow.

I saw the couple who I had seen arguing. I remembered her because of her red curly weave and he had braids. They were walking together his arms around her and her arms around him looking very cozy!?

I wanna send a shout out to the Brooklyn massive. Millions of people will converge on Eastern Parkway monday for the loudest funnest brightest raunchiest parade. It's hot and sweaty and Caribbean African to it's core. Love it.

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