Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where is the help?

8 days after the earthquake in Haiti there are still people without water. Thousands of bottles sit at Port au Prince airport. Medical supplies and food, just sitting there.
I wonder how the other towns who are absorbing all of those refugees are going to fare? So many people as many as 200,000 have left the capital. People who are hurt are also leaving because they are not finding aid. I hope the leaders in those towns are active and vocal. There is so much international response to this crisis. There is so much people power and money, everyone should be able to eat and drink. There just needs to be some kind of grand plan that everyone contributes too. There has to be great transparency with the gov't because it has to be rebuilt. I wonder if it can happen. The enormity of the destruction is on such a grand scale it is humbling, it is sad, it is terrible.

When I see reporters calling people trying to get food, "looters" I feel the sting of racism and classicism. There has not been widespread looting or violence even though so much has been lost. I'm sure there were isolated incidents where violence happened.

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