Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bird Magic

A heavy thunk at our living room window startled my daughter and I. It was like someone had thrown a rock at it!  At first I saw nothing strange that could have caused the sound, but then I saw a grey-brown bird laying in our recycling bin, it had hit our window and it was not moving! My heart sank. It was so sad. When I turned around my daughter was looking at me with anticipation and I broke the news to her. She was upset about the bird.

About ten minutes later I peeked in the bin and the bird was sitting up! Oh my goodness I was so relieved! So hopeful! My daughter shrieked with joy when I told her. The bird just sat there for a bit, not moving it's head or anything. We left it alone and then checked it again a few minutes later and it was on it's feet standing really still.        
And then she was moving her head, blinking, listening to the sounds of our neighborhood. And then she was walking around the bin!

Soon after the bird was standing on the bin's edge holding tight with her feet. It titled forward and lifted a wing as if to fly and remained holding on, it tested it's wings many times and then it finally it flew off!!

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